NTAC Brochure

Information for visitors and those interested in living at NTAC. 

Park & Clubhouse Guidelines

Park & Clubhouse Guidelines

Please inform all group members it is imperative they not drive off of the concrete. This can be a costly mistake; as it is likely their vehicle will sink into the gravel & become stuck. Driving to the far west end of the Terraport before attempting to park is the correct entry procedure. A map showing these guidelines is available at the NTAC Office. 

  1. Handicap Building Access: Located at the EAST end of the Clubhouse building is the handicap accessible entrance, which suitably accommodates wheelchairs, walkers & motorized carts. 
  2. Speed Limit: 15 miles per hour. 
  3. Quiet Time: 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Small children must be supervised at all times. 
  4. Security: NTAC utilizes a video surveillance system to monitor & record activity throughout the park. The front gate will automatically close at 6 p.m. and open at 6 a.m. To enter after hours a gate code is required & can be obtained at the NTAC Office. 
  5. Pets Policy: Pets are welcome at NTAC! The Dog Park is open to Terraport guests.  Pets must be kept inside trailers or motor homes at all times, except when exercising.  Leashes are mandatory except within the fenced Dog Park area. 
  6. Please pick up after your pet. Bags are provided at the Dog Park entrance & at the NTAC Office.  Pets are NOT allowed inside the Clubhouse building or Outdoor Pavilion at any time.   
  7. Business Center: Photocopies are available for 10 cents per page. Wi-Fi is available to Terraport guests.  Login information & passwords can be obtained at the NTAC Office.
  8. Clubhouse Rules: Please leave Rally Room and Kitchen areas cleaned & orderly for the next group.

  • Please put trash in the blue, garbage dumpster, NOT the green recycle bin.  
  • Nothing is to be pinned, nailed or taped to the Clubhouse building walls.  
  • Restrooms and a coin-operated laundry facility are located inside the Clubhouse and are accessible 24-hours.
  • NO SMOKING & NO PETS allowed in Clubhouse building at any time.  
  • NO FIREARMS are allowed on the premises.  
  • Thermostats are controlled remotely & can be adjusted to your liking. Contact the Office Manager for adjustments during regular business hours or call any number listed at each thermostat to request a temperature change outside business hours. 
  • Tables/Chairs/Gaming Equipment: Use tables and chairs as needed. Billiards table may be used for serving ONLY when properly covered with plastic and hard cover. Ask for covers at NTAC Office. Adult guests may play pool, with the understanding that they are responsible for any damage occurring to the table or equipment. Bean-bag baseball set-up can be used. Please return all pieces to place found after each use. Card tables are available to facilitate puzzles, dominoes, card games, etc. 

Feel free to consult the NTAC Office Manager with questions or concerns you may have regarding the above rules. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your stay at NTAC and please come again. 


NTAC Short Term/Overnight Rates

30 Amp Service                                     50 Amp Service

WBCCI Members

$20/Day                                                    $23/Day

$120/Week                                            $159/Week (incl $3/day Electric)

Non-Member Airstreamers

$25/Day                                                    $28/Day

$150/Week                                            $171/Week (incl $3/day Electric)

NTAC is an Airstream Exclusive Park for owners of Airstream/Argosy brand RVs, or sponsored guests of residents.  

WBCCI/WBAC Members enjoy a reduced rate.  

50 Amp service is billed an additional $3 per day.  


 Rally groups are always welcome!

Visit NTAC for fun and group activities.

Dallas Fort Worth Sam, Santa Fe Sams, Lake Pat Sams, Comanche Peak Sams, Holiday Ramblers, church groups, and retired teachers, are just a few of the camping clubs and organizations who enjoy our park and ameneties. 

NTAC Long Term "Winter Texan" Rates & Information

Winter Texan Policy Manual 11/14/2019 (docx)


Parking Rates 1-12-20 (docx)


Winter TX Registration 10-21-19 (PDF)


Membership Criteria

Following are the eligibility requirements to become an NTAC Shareholder.


  • Any interested party must read and understand the NTAC Bylaws, Rules & Regulations before meeting with the membership committee. Applicants should obtain a printed or digital copy of the NTAC Rules, Regulations & Bylaws from the NTAC Office prior to requesting a Membership Committee Meeting. 
  • Completed Membership Application (Blank PDF or DOCX versions for download below)
  • Signature certification of age 45; verified with a valid Identification Card, issued by the United States Government, and bearing the applicant’s photograph & personal information corresponding to that which was provided on the NTAC Membership Application.  Examples of accepted identity & age documentation are State Driver’s License, State Identity Card, United States Passport, or United States Military Identification Cards. 
  • Proof of good-standing membership status in Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) and the WBCCI Membership Number assigned to the applicant(s).  This can be verified with the current year’s WBCCI directory or current dues receipt (original or copy) or via email from WBCCI Membership Registrar. 
  • Current vehicle registration receipt for licensing an Airstream RV owned by applicant(s). 
  • Interview with the NTAC Membership Committee.  All applicants must appear in person for this interview.  Contact the NTAC Office to request and schedule a Membership Committee meeting. 
  • For more information contact the NTAC Office at:  


Jennifer Nekola Office Manager 

200 Walnut Hill Ave. #1 Hillsboro, TX. 76645 

Phone: 254-582-5566 



Click HERE for a list of available shares.  

NTAC Board of Directors and Committees

Current year community Board of Directors and appointed Committee members.  If you are interested in contacting someone, please call the office .  

2020 Board 3/20 (pdf)


NTAC Committee Chairs 1/20 (pdf)