By: Bob Kaemmerer: Chairman of the Health and Wellness Committee

Sadly, about a month ago Marne and I lost our beloved cat, Gorky. Recently, we adopted Murphy or “Stash”, a rambunctious “young-en”, from New Hope Cat Rescue.

The process of adopting a pet from a rescue center brought to may attention the large number of healthy pets that are euthanized each year. According to Humane Society statistics, about 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs – about one every 13 seconds – are put down in the U. S. shelters each year. Sonya at New Hope told me about ResQWalk, an app that you can put on your smart phone. Basically, ResQWalk tracks the amount of walking you do and based on that, corporate sponsors will donate funds to registered rescue centers. If you are interested in this idea look up ResQWalk. It explains in detail how it works.

I know that NTAC is pet friendly. If you doubt this, just go down to the dog park at about 4  PM. I hope that a lot of us will take advantage of ResQWalk. If you decide to do this, please let me know by text or email. I would like to recognize those at NTAC  that are helping our area rescue centers while stepping up your activity.


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